Looking back 10, 25, 50 years ago (published Gazette, July 31, 2014)

The Northumberland Gazette delves into the archives to remind readers of stories from the past.

10 YEARS AGO: Thursday, July 29, 2004

Up to 800 jobs could be created on business and industrial parks in Alnwick. That is the finding of a study into the employment potential of sites on the southern outskirts of the town. The report indicates that the provision of further office, commercial and industrial accommodation, adjoining the A1 at Lionheart Enterprise Park and land nearby, and also on a site next to the Willowburn Leisure Centre could kick-start the growth. Commissioned by Alnwick District Council, Northumberland Estates, Northumberland County Council and One NorthEast, it shows great long-term potential and capitalises on the successful enterprise park. A second phase at Lionheart is already due to begin this year and the report authors, Entec UK, suggest that up to 180 jobs could be created when the site is fully developed.

25 YEARS AGO: Thursday, July 27, 1989

Dogged determination – and a spot of good fortune – helped save the life of a tiny puppy dumped behind an Alnwick store last week. When Andrew Bowey took out the rubbish at Walter Willson’s in Bondgate Within, he came across an unexpected furry find. For there, barely bigger than a rat, was a whimpering bag of bones and fur fighting for its life. Lucky, as he is now known, had been abandoned on the bins, left to fend for himself at just over four weeks old. The black and white collie cross was rushed to the vet, who managed to save the life of the by-now under-nourished and severely dehydrated dog. Now RSPCA chiefs are warning that although Lucky survived living it ‘ruff’, there may be other puppies in the litter that are not quite so fortunate.

50 YEARS AGO: Friday, July 31, 1964

A young Alnmouth man who emigrated to Canada in November, 1946, is enjoying his first trip home in nearly 18 years. Mr Thomas Mannion, now 44, has flown over to see his father, retired butcher Mr Tom Mannion, who has recently been in poor health. Mr Mannion spent two years in Canada with the RAF in the 1939-45 war and married a Canadian girl out there. They have a 21-year-old married daughter, another daughter aged 17 and a boy of 12. Mr Mannion runs his own bulk oil-distributing business and supplies 28 service stations in Edmonton (population 320,000), the capital of Alberta. He is staying at the home of his brother, Mr John Mannion, of 11 Shepherd’s Hill. Meanwhile, two Alnwick people happened to meet each other by chance in Port of Spain in Trinidad in the Caribbean.