Looking back 10, 25, 50 years ago (published Gazette, July 24, 2014)

The Northumberland Gazette delves into the archives to remind readers of stories from the past.

10 YEARS AGO – Thursday, July 22, 2004

Renewed objections to the proposed Seahouses visitor centre came to the fore this week. Just weeks after the Gazette published new images of how the £3.8million centre would look at the harbour, North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners said it was an ‘over-development’ and its design and size were out of keeping with the area. They want the plans to be radically scaled down and to revert to the original proposal – with a building approximately at the same level as the harbour car park. David Shiel, chairman of the commissioners, said: “We are not objecting to a visitor centre as a visitor centre, but the monstrosity they are proposing.” An open letter from the commissioners states that the original plan was for a building that would not be significantly higher than the adjoining RNLI lifeboat station.

25 YEARS AGO – Thursday, July 20, 1989

Villagers in Ellingham are stunned at the way road planners have apparently ignored local opinion when deciding on a route for improvements to the A1 at Brownieside. The £2.5million improvement will provide a new stretch of dual carriageway between North Charlton and Ellingham Lodge. The scheme provoked widespread opposition from residents, who feel particularly strongly about the proposed closure of The Avenue, at present the main access road from the A1 to Ellingham village. Farm accesses, crossover locations between carriageways and environmental aspects also came in for harsh criticism from villagers. Objectors have just received a letter from the Department of Transport saying that following public consultation, the majority of responses were in favour.

50 YEARS AGO – Friday, July 24, 1964

There are times, even on the village green, when even the best cricketers don’t come off and unfortunately for the large gathering at Warkworth on Sunday, this was true in so far as West Indies test star Rohan Kanhai was concerned. Opening against the Vikings XI with skipper Tom Hogg, the Ashington professional got off to a fine start when he dispatched Dicky Race’s second ball for six. But a big score was not to be, for soon after late cutting a splendid four, he mishit a well-pitched ball from Race and was caught by Sherman at mid-off for 18. Even with his dismissal, the crowd still enjoyed some attractive cricket, John Green (30) and Derek Pringle (36) were in top form, both square-cutting some fine boundaries. Although the weather was for the most part dull, Kanhai’s appearance made it a big day for cricket fans.