Lesbury WI, Meeting


For the first time this year we arrived and departed in daylight – a rare treat.

Our president Susan welcomed everyone and reminded us that it was Resolutions evening. Did I hear groans? However, we were promised a fun activity afterwards.

Members were pleased to hear that Hilary Robson, our federation president, has accepted our invitation to our 95th anniversary celebrations.

Ann Turnbull thanked everyone who had assisted or visited St Mary’s Flower Festival, helping to raise an incredible £2,360. Susan informed us that photographs of the arrangements created by members would be included in our scrapbook.

The treasurer reminded us that deposits for tea at Eshott Hall were due, then introduced the first resolution, Alleviating Loneliness. She was followed by Annette Ord, who spoke on the second resolution, Plastic Soup. After some discussion members voted to put forward both of these.

Kathleen Turnbull kindly agreed to introduce the fun part of the evening: the creation of a lovely bouquet.

She explained the intention behind the idea and demonstrated how to make a simple posy, before members pounced on the tables of flowers and created their own.

The competition was a handkerchief and there were no prizes for guessing who would win – our resident lace-maker Veronica Merryweather. Her hanky was a delight and definitely not something you would blow anyone’s nose on. Annette Ord came second; she is ahead of the field in the competition stakes so far this year.

The meeting concluded with the reminder that in June we have 11 visitors and it is a pooled supper. We look forward to meeting them all and enjoying a talk about Lady Gardeners.