These are the 10 most destructive dog breeds - and how much furniture damage they cause per year

Almost a fifth of Brits welcomed a dog to their home over lockdown – but furry friends aren’t all fun and games.

Thursday, 17th December 2020, 3:22 pm
Some dog breeds were found to be naughtier than others when it came to damage in the home.

New research from MoneySuperMarket has revealed that the nation’s dogs are costing their owners over £1.7 billion in household damage every year, with carpets, sofas, curtains and beds all victim to naughty four-legged friends.

After polling Britain’s dog owners, the price comparison site also discovered which 10 dog breeds are causing their owners the most damage – and what the average annual damage bill is for each breed.

Please note, the results are based on a survey and do not necessarily represent the behaviour of all dog breeds.

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Perhaps because of their huge stature, Weimaraner dogs are rated as one of the most destructive dog breeds that you can own, with an average damage cost of £265 per year - much higher than the average of £164 per dog.
The immensely popular Labradoodle breed is second on the list for damage, with an average cost of £240 per year for unlucky owners.
Though they may look cute, these small lively dogs can also be highly destructive, with an average cost of £233 per year for owners.
Boxers, which require lots of exercise, can be destructive to owners’ homes, with an average damage cost of £222 per year. Carpets often bear the brunt of dog damage, with 20 per cent of owners surveyed reporting damage to theirs.
Schnauzers cost their owners an average of £212 in damage per year - above the national average for all dogs.
Often used as protection dogs, athletic and energetic Dobermans can cause damage to your home, with an average cost per year of £202.
Though Staffies sometimes get a bad rep, when well-trained they are loving and friendly dogs. However, this doesn’t stop some from damaging owners’ homes - with an average damage cost of £192 per year.
These lean, athletic dogs can cause trouble in your home, with an average damage cost for owners of £192 per year. Across all breeds, around 17 per cent of owners surveyed said their sofa had been damaged by their dog.
While they may look small and cute, a large number of Dachshund owners reported their furry friends causing damage in their homes, with an average annual cost of £177.
These ultra-friendly dogs make the perfect companion - but they are also prone to damage, coming in as the tenth most destructive breed - with an annual cost of £171.