Stay fit and healthy ... with a garden work out

Trimming the hedge is good for youTrimming the hedge is good for you
Trimming the hedge is good for you
We all know that fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for our body and soul. Did you know that a spot of gardening doesn’t just release endorphins to make us happier, but also helps maintain good health?

To celebrate National Gardening Week which runs from April 29 to May 6 - Toro, a global leader in turf care maintenance, has shared some favourite ways to get fit and healthy in the garden.

Digging, planting and weeding

Planting flowers, digging and pushing wheelbarrows are all great ways to build upper body strength. Always make sure you keep good posture and technique when doing gardening work to avoid aches, pains and potential injury. It is always best to alternate between tasks as you would in a gym to avoid excessive strain on individual body parts.

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Planting, weeding, and picking flowers or vegetables, can also be beneficial to your legs and abs, as well as squatting down or kneeling to activate the muscles in the lower half of your body.

Trimming and strimming

Pruning your trees and hedges or touching up the boarders of the lawn will not only make your garden look tidier, but will give your arms a workout too. Toro offers a wide range of cordless gardening tools ranging between three and a half and five kilos, which makes them comfortable and easy to use. Boasting a 40-60-minute runtime, your arms will get a good work out just by trimming your hedges or edging your lawn.

Mowing and raking

Activities, such as raking leaves and mowing the lawn, activates most muscle groups in the body. When you rake and mow, always make sure your equipment is fully functioning and right for you. Using the wrong, or hard to operate, gardening equipment can put unnecessary stress on your body and can potentially cause strains or injury. Many modern mowers assist the user through powered operation and improved manoeuvrability to avoid heavy pushing or lifts. All Toro mowers come with easy-to-operate drive systems and a wide variety of optional functions like adjustable handlebars, assisted reversing, and handy wash out port to make maintenance and operation easier and more comfortable.

Reap what you sow

If you grow your own food, the health benefits can be enjoyed long after you stop gardening. Eating home grown isn’t just delicious, but tend to offer more nutrients than foods that have been transported around the world. If you yield a large harvest be sure to share with family and friends to increase the health benefit to those around you.