How and why to cultivate your own vegetable patch

Why you should grow your ownWhy you should grow your own
Why you should grow your own
Brits are being encouraged to create their own vegetable patches in a bid to reduce food miles and encourage healthy eating.

Outdoors experts from have reminded Brits of all the benefits that grow your own can bring.

It was something Britain was famous for during World War Two, but “grow your own” is set to make a comeback amid worries of food miles and increased carbon emissions.

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Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions can all easily be grown in Britain’s soil, with tomatoes being a greenhouse favourite.

A spokesperson for said: “Growing your own food is such a rewarding experience and also offers other benefits such as improving mental health and helping the environment.

“Although it may seem daunting at first, once you have the area prepared and the seeds sewn basic upkeep and maintenance is minimal.

“More importantly, you get something tasty and satisfying to put on your plate at the end of the process – what’s not to love.”

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These are’s top tips to set up a vegetable patch:

1. Easy set up

It doesn’t take long to transform part of your garden into a vegetable patch. All you need to do is decide where you want your patch to be – consider things such as how much sunlight the area get. You then need to remove the grass, and possibly repurpose it into another area of the garden, then fork the soil over until it’s loose and easier to work with.

2. Low-cost food

The beauty of a vegetable patch is that the seeds cost very little, meaning the abundance of tasty food you can enjoy comes at a very minimal cost. Finding some spare time may be the more expensive part, but with all the added benefits gardening gives, even this shouldn’t break the bank.

3. Environmentally friendly food

So much of our food nowadays is flown in from across the world, increasing the food miles and having a negative effect on the environment. By growing your own food you are eradicating all of the unnecessary carbon emissions.

4. Healthy food

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Having a ready supply of fresh vegetables is enough to encourage anyone to eat their five-a-day. By eating more veg it means you’re getting a steady supply of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be at its best.

5. Tastier meals

Everyone knows that the fresher the food the more flavour it holds, and tastier it is. You can’t get much fresher than picking, or pulling up, the veg only minutes before you use it to cook up the meal.

6. Satisfaction

There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking up a meal knowing that all of your hard work has paid off. Seeing the ingredients going from garden to plate is something that you should be proud of, and you should taste the love in the food.

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