Here’s how to keep spiders out of your home this autumn and winter

Autumn and winter is prime 'spider season' (Photo: Shutterstock)Autumn and winter is prime 'spider season' (Photo: Shutterstock)
Autumn and winter is prime 'spider season' (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s the time of year when you may find unwanted spiders lurking inside your house or flat, as so-called ‘spider season’ creeps closer.

But, if you want to deter spiders from entering and making themselves welcome in your home, there are certain steps you can take.

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Here, Lucy Askew, from blind, window and shutter company Hillarys, shares her top seven tips for how to keep spiders at bay this autumn and winter.

Put conkers in the corners of your rooms

Although this method has not been scientifically proven, it’s used by many around the globe each year in an attempt to keep spiders out. It’s thought that the conkers may give off a noxious chemical that cause a spider to die within just one day of them coming into contact with it.

Create your own natural spider deterrents

It’s also believed that spiders dislike the smell of citrus fruits, so you could try placing slices of fresh lemon or lime, or rubbing the peel of either across your windowsills and doors as a natural spider repellent.

You could also try this with different essential oils, such as peppermint, cinnamon or tea tree oil.A spray made from a mixture of water and vinegar will have a similar effect at deterring spiders, especially when it is applied into cracks or crevices in and around your home that spiders are likely to lurk and lay their eggs in.

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Seal the cracks in your home

Alternatively, you could keep spiders away by going round each room in your house and sealing any holes, crevices and cracks you might have that the insects could squeeze themselves through.

Keep your windows closed

After the sun sets, spiders will typically search for a warm place where they can find food, shelter and mating opportunities. If you, or anyone else you live with, is in the habit of keeping a bedroom window open when you sleep, it’s definitely worth keeping them closed to stop spiders from getting in.

Keep on top of your cleaning

Spiders are looking for bugs and flies that they can eat, and these are not going to be as present in a house that is clean and tidy. Keep up to date on your dusting and hoovering in order to keep cobwebs at bay and keep a spider’s food options to a minimum.

Turn off your outside lights

The insects and bugs that spiders love to eat are the ones most attracted to light, so keeping your lights on will only bring them all to your door. Only have the lights on when you need to, and ideally only keep them on for short periods of time.

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Although it’s not suggested to go and rehome a cat just for keeping spiders out, if you are already planning to welcome a feline friend into the family, or if you already have one, then they are great at spotting and catching spiders.

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