Hedgeley WI, Meeting


Hedgeley WI met at the Breamish Hall, Powburn.

As part of the WI’s National Food Matters campaign the secretary wrote to all supermarkets in the Alnwick area. The letter followed on from surveys completed by members visiting supermarkets to ascertain the retail practices they were adopting.

We asked supermarkets to consider four actions:

• Practices which encourage overbuying to stop (multi-buys, multi-packs, BOGOF).

• Extending the product life of foods in the home – confusing date and ‘once opened’ labels lead to food being thrown out prematurely.

• Fully utilising the farm crop (wonky fruit and vegetables to be sold as standard).

• Supermarket transparency on food waste. Only Tesco publishes detailed food waste statistics, this makes it difficult to see how progress is being made.

Six letters were issued to Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op, Londis, Aldi and Lidl. Only Morrisons replied.

Morrisons has rolled out a nationwide Unsold Food to Charity programme. This allows community organisations to partner with stores to ensure edible surplus gets put to good use. It has also introduced a range of wonky vegetables, which are cheaper.

Members were left to draw their own conclusions as to why the other supermarkets did not reply. The response has been reported to the national federation.

Members brought prizes for the bottle stall at Powburn Show on Saturday, August 5. This is part of their fund-raising activities.

Invitations have been received from Eglingham, Roddam and Cheswick WIs to listen to speakers on Remember When: Liberty Bodices To Mini-Skirts, A Trip To Kenya With Save The Children, and My Life In Rock And Roll.

We agreed to pledge a Christmas cake to the Federation Pledge Auction, to be held at Stannington in September.

Our speakers Nancy Fowlie and Jane Mumford gave a very interesting presentation on quilting and patchwork. We were very impressed with the vast array of items they had made, both by hand and machine.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month, except August, at the Breamish Hall, Powburn, at 7pm. We welcome new members or guests who just want to see one of our speakers.

Full details of our programme can be obtained from www.breamishvalley.com