Get your trees planted now

Conifers for hedging.
Conifers for hedging.

Trees for ornamental purpose, fruit-bearing or hedging, are right for planting now, either in bare-rooted state or container-grown.

It is important to prepare the planting site well, digging a hole slightly deeper than necessary and adding organic material.

Some spent potting compost with added phosphate provides a good base for roots of the introduced plant and a thorough watering even before back-filling the hole, settles the tree in nicely. If a bare-rooted tree needs a supporting stake, get that in place before completing the fill, then make the ground firm.

If you prefer a tall support, place it between the tree and prevailing wind to avoid bark rubbing.

A short support need only reach 30cms above soil level.

Container-grown trees have their supports driven into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees – after planting to avoid damaging the root-ball.