Friday, June 9, 1961

THE boating activities of weekend amateurs at Beadnell are worrying local fishermen there.

The fishermen claim that classy little speedboats owned and operated by city holidaymakers with houses in the village are menacing their livelihood by scaring the salmon away – and they want something done about it.

The row has been simmering between the two factions for more than a year. Suddenly it erupted on Saturday when fisherman Mr Charles Douglas, who lives a few yards away from the tiny harbour, phoned the neighbouring Seahouses coastguards because of a possible threat to his moored coble from over-enthusiastic speedboatmen.

“More than half a dozen speedboats were showing their paces nearby and I was concerned for the safety of my boat,” Mr Douglas told the Northumberland Gazette.

The phone call was answered by one of the coastguards who came across and managed to smooth things over.

But the peace may be only temporary. For the fishermen allege that the majority of amateurs have no navigational experience and that their craft which have sometimes been guilty of fouling nets by straying into the salmon area may do so again.

“We have had one case of a net being badly damaged by the propellers of a speedboat,” said Mr Douglas.

That is not all that is bothering the fishermen. Miniature boulders continue to be dropped into the harbour.