Friday, June 30, 1961

SO heavy is the holiday traffic at Bamburgh during the summer that the village is literally busting at the seams with parked cars and buses.

Hundreds of them line the streets hampering normal traffic and endangering children and old folk, and one policeman handles the lot.

“He does a great job, but he should have some help,” Coun W P Spence told Belford Rural Council on Wednesday night.

He moved that “the council take note of the chaotic traffic congestion and that urgent steps be taken to provide adequate parking facilities and police supervision.”

Telling of a traffic check he made, Coun Spence said that on one day alone he counted 46 buses and nearly 200 cars standing in the streets.

Seventeen of the buses were double-parked, leaving a passage 14-feet wide for ordinary traffic to pass through, while nearly 100 old folk on an outing were waiting to enter a nearby restaurant.

At the south end of Bamburgh, buses were parked where children stepped off the pavement and he had seen two dogs killed at the same spot.

“I have no complaints against the tradespeople but I think buses should come into the village and set down their passengers then depart,” he added.

His proposals will be discussed at the next meeting og the General Purposes Committee.