Friday, February 9, 1962

HAD the Alnwick fishing tackle firm of Hardy Brothers carried out its threat to build its proposed £100,000 showpiece factory in Ireland instead of in the town’s developing industrial estate, Alnwick would have become practically a distressed area, it was stated at last Thursday night’s meeting of the Urban Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Coun Miss P Marr, one of the firm’s 250 employees, said that when she first heard of the firm’s intentions she requested and was granted an interview with the firm’s managing director.

“I was greatly concerned because it meant our jobs were at stake,” she told the meeting.

Telling of the interview, Miss Marr said that Mr William Hardy felt he had experienced enough frustration. It had gone on for some time.

First it was the Electricity Board then various delays occurred, finally culminating in the council sanctioning the building of two slaughter houses near the firm’s proposed factory.

She added: “Mr Hardy now assures me that all is well. That’s why he sent out the letter.”

Said Coun A Ingham (Streets Committee chairman): “We are having to wear something that doesn’t belong to us.

“Whty should we accept responsibility for the fault of someone else?”

Coun H I N Reavell (Water Committee chairman) blamed Northumberland County Planning Committee for the delay.

He claimed they had led the council by the nose.

“One often reads in the Press about the frustrations and interference which comes from county planning commitees,” he said. He himself felt it was a matter of planning nothing to do with the council.

Both Coun J Young and Mr G Beaty (surveyor) disagreed.