Friday, February 14, 1986

BELFORD Middle School has won a reprieve in its long fight against closure.

In a close vote at the county School’s Sub-Committee on Tuesday the motion to shut down Belford and move nine to 13 year-olds to Seahouses was defeated by by ten to eight.

Some 60 parents, who had packed into the council chamber at County Hall, clapped and cheered when the result was announced.

Afterwards, one father, Jimmy Williamson, whose daughter is “very happy” at the middle school, said: “I can’t express too highly how pleased and delighted I am.”

For 90 minutes the parents and staff listened anxiously as the fate of the school was discussed.

They heard recommendations from the Director of Education, the chairman of the Education Committee, and the newly-appointed chairwoman of the school’s Sub-Committee that Belford Middle should be closed on educational grounds.

However, the committee’s failure to go along with the recommendation to close Belford means that the case for retaining the school now looks very strong: However the matter will have to go before the Education Committee and then be rubber stamped by the full county council before going to the Secretary of State.

But for now the parents and staff can breathe more easily.