Fountain project rumbles on, but doubts have arisen

An old postcard showing the fountain in the centre of Wooler.
An old postcard showing the fountain in the centre of Wooler.

A public meeting is to take place later this month to discuss plans to restore an historic fountain to the centre of Wooler.

As reported in last week’s Gazette, a group of redesints have come together in a bid to try to restore the feature which once stood in the town’s Market Place.

It was dismantled in 1970 following orders that it had been deemed unsafe, after being in place for more than 100 years. The fountain cannot be located in its original position, due to the current road layout, but the proposal is to place it in a central location within the exisiting island.

And a call has gone out to try to find pieces of the stonework, some of which are thought to be lying around the Glendale area.

But Albert Matthewson, who was one of those involved in dismantling the fountain in 1970, told the Gazette it would be an ‘absolutely impossible’ task.

“I was one of the ones who pulled it down and I can tell you that it will be an absolute impossibility to find those stones,” he said.

“Behind Farm to Freeze was the builders’ yard and the stonework was all taken down there and it all just disappeared.

“There might be some, but you will never find it all.

“It should never ever have been pulled down in the first place though.”

The public meeting for anyone interested in the project, will take place at The Angel Inn, in Wooler, on Sunday, February 23, at 7pm.