The UK’s top 20 favourite crisps have been ranked - but do you agree?

Everyone has their own favourite brand, flavour and type of crisp - and strong opinions on their least favourite.

Now, a new survey has ranked the UK’s top 20 crisps, with the likes of Walkers and Pringles making an appearance on the list more than once.

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Childhood favourites make the list

The survey of 2,000 adults, carried out by Perspectus Global, found we each eat a packet of crisps a day on average, with 16 to 29 year olds averaging at 1.14 packets a day, or eight per week. This is twice as many as the over 60s.

In terms of favourite flavours, Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps came out on top, ranking first on the list, with a variety of other classic flavours of Walkers making it into the top 20.

Childhood favourites, including Frazzles, Skips and Monster Munch, also made the list.

Which crisps proved the most popular?

According to the survey, these are the UK’s top 20 crisps, but do you agree?

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Walkers Cheese and OnionBeef Monster MunchWalkers Salt and VinegarPringles OriginalWalkers Ready SaltedBeef Hula HoopsBacon FrazzlesSalt and Vinegar SquaresSkipsPickled Onion Monster MunchQuaversDoritos Cool OriginalPringles Sour Cream and OnionPringles Salt and VinegarDoritos Tangy CheeseWalkers Prawn CocktailNik Naks Nice ‘n’ SpicyScampi FriesWotsitsSalt and Vinegar Hula Hoops

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