Father spotted in old school photograph


A PONTELAND man spotted a familiar face in this photo of Rennington School that appeared on December 8.

Clive Cowie, 70, was able to tell us that the date suggested for the picture – the 1950s – was too late.

Mr Cowie’s father Charles is pictured on the left.

He went to teach at Rennington in 1926, having taught in Blanchland before that.

Judging by his father’s age (he died in 1951), Mr Cowie suspects this photo was taken in the early 1930s.

“I have this photo in the house somewhere,” he said. “It was taken before I was born and I’m 70 so the children will be older than that.”

“My father looks a lot younger than I remember him.

“My mother was a teacher at Rennington as well, that was how they got together, but I suspect this was taken before she was there.”

Mr Cowie didn’t know who the female teacher was.