These are the most in demand dog breeds after lockdown

Demand for puppies soared during lockdown.

Tuesday, 18th August 2020, 3:43 pm
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New data released by insurance site GoCompare reveals the most sought after dog breeds, which have experienced record surges in prices for puppies during lockdown and beyond. From pedigrees to cross-breeds, interest in puppies has increased over the past few months and research has highlighted the term "buying a puppy" has gone up by 120 per cent. This data reveals that since February this year, the average price of a dog has increased from £520 to £753 in July. But which breeds are most in demand? Here we take a look at the most sought-after dogs but remember, experts have urged people looking to buy a puppy to be vigilant of puppy farms and do their homework before buying. Dog rescue charities are also a good place to look if you’re keen for a new furry friend.

One of the UK's most popular working dogs, the Border Collie's have been a national favourite for years. In 2020, prices for this popular pup have more than doubled, as the cost of a Border Collie increase by 110.34% to £427.
A loyal pedigree, the toy Poodle is loved for it's smart and sensitive nature. Being hypoallergenic is another reason for the breeds increased popularity. Increasing in price by 71% since last year, puppies of this breed can cost more than £1040.

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The American Bulldog is taller in height than it's English Bulldog cousins and they've been taken to the heart of the UK as family pets and companion dogs. The average cost of a puppy has risen since 2019, making them the most expensive on the sought after list at £1618.
The beloved Dashund or 'Sausage Dog' has soared in popularity, with the breed now being sold for an eye-watering £1,190, up 58% since last year.
The ultimate companion, the French bulldog has increased in popularity over the last five years and it seems so has the price tag. increased 52% to £1,230 this year from £809 last July, making them one of the most expensive breeds on the list.
The price for a Rotweiler puppy is now £829.00, a 49.91% increase on last year according to the study.
Dogue De Bordeaux puppies will set you back £1,159.00, a rise of 47.98% on last year.
German Shepherd puppies are now around £706.00, a rise of 40.36% from 2019.
The cost of one of these lovable and hypo-allergenic dogs has shot up this year, with prices around from £1,120 to over £2,000.