Embleton WI, Meeting


Members of Embleton WI were joined by friends for their March meeting with great anticipation at the thought of sampling locally produced desserts from Proof of the Pudding.

President Mrs Norma Ham welcomed everyone before conducting the business meeting.

Invitations had been received from Bamburgh and Beadnell for future events and arrangements made for the quiz evening at Shilbottle. Members are to join the flower club for a visit to Floors Castle in June. The programme for the group meeting in April was discussed.

Jean Cockerill introduced Susan Green, founder of The Proof of the Pudding, who had brought a range of her popular puddings.

The decline in farming and the impact of foot-and-mouth led Susan to start her business in 1999 while bringing up a young family. Beginning with sales at Alnwick Farmer’s Market, the business grew with family assistance. It expanded to a new catering kitchen and the range of puddings increased.

A top scoring rating of her Christmas pudding in 2011 caused a surge of website requests. The following year brought a visit from the Prince of Wales, and another new kitchen. The puddings appeared on Countryfile and magazine articles have highlighted the success of the venture.

After questions, a vote of thanks was given by Marjorie Hopper.

Tea and biscuits were served, although the latter were in little demand after sampling puddings ranging from sticky toffee to apricot and almond.

The competition winners for the letter ‘C’ were: 1 Judith Hazlehurst; 2 Joan Littler; 3 Ann Craft. Raffle prizes were won by Ann Craft and Joan Little.