Ellingham, Parish Council meeting

Flowers in Ellingham village
Flowers in Ellingham village

Matters arising: Ellingham ‘Phone Box - carried forward to August meeting.

Roadcare: Street Light, Chathill – the light has been upgraded to LED, however, still causes a problem as it shines directly into Chathill Farmhouse; also dangerous location as it blocks vision of vehicles coming out of the farm when looking for traffic to the right. Residents to be consulted on light and location after which NCC will be contacted if changes are to be made.

Underpass, Brockdam: Previously reported potholes on the road surface in underpass now in a dangerous state, and there is a blocked drain. Clerk to ascertain whether responsibility lies with NCC or Highways England.

Drain at side of U2032 to Doxford, opposite school: Clerk to report to NCC that the drain is blocked and urgently needs cleared out to prevent flooding on the road. Preston Tower to Ellingham – countersunk drain on side of road C70 – drop of at least six inches. Dangerous when cars have to drive off the edge to allow large traffic to pass. Clerk to request a representative from NCC Highways meets with a parish councillor on site.

C69 Preston to Chathill road: On the east side of the road approx. 150m north of The Smithy there is a deep and dangerous pothole. Clerk to report. Tynely Junction – after considerable discussion it was agreed that an NCC representative should be invited to meet at the road junction to examine the priorities and issues of safety again, particularly as the Highways decision regarding safety issues had been formulated by looking on Google Earth rather than a site visit. Coun Pattinson stated that she did not wish to be responsible for any change in priority at the junction following her meeting at County Hall and passed the matter of the Tynely junction back to the parish council. Coun Pattinson noted that residents had suggested there should be a sign for the A1 at the junction and she will contact Highways Department in this regard.

Neighbourhood Plan Update: Vision Statement now formulated and published (in parish magazine). Report from consultant, Jenny Ludman, now received. Local landowners to be contacted and invited to have input into the plan.

Accounts and audit matters: Account Balances as at 03.07.17 total £7,393.42 (includes monies from transparency fund grant plus £6,054 grant from Groundwork in respect of Neighbourhood Plan). Accounts approved for payment total £157.09.

2016/17 accounts and annual return received back from Internal Auditor. All satisfactory. Annual return parts one and two presented by Clerk to Councillors. Annual Governance Statement (part one) agreed by councillors and signed by RFO and Chairman. Part two Accounting Statement approved by all councillors and signed by RFO and chairman. Councillors considered financial risk assessment and unanimously approved; examined assets register and agreed subject to addition of two telephone boxes, valued at £1 each. Clerk will submit annual return and associated papers to BDO Stoy Hayward.

Community Trust: Chairman of the Trust has resigned but will continue to chair meetings until replacement elected. There has been no meeting since the last parish council meeting due to Trustees not being available. Ms Ludman, the consultant on Neighbourhood Plan, has observed that there is an excellent opportunity for the Community Trust to work with the Neighbourhood Planning Group.

NALC/NCC Updates: Information on Green Dog Walkers Campaign. Clerk has requested hard copies of campaign materials. NALC had reported on meeting with new county councillors – document previously circulated. Clerk had also received letter from NCC regarding contacts in Community Regeneration Team, following creation of new Local Area Councils (LACs). Contact in North Northumberland is Iain Hedley. Annual Town and Parish Council Conference takes place October 5.

Date of next meeting: Monday, August 7, 7pm.