Don’t risk stirring up a hornets’ nest

A wasps' nest.
A wasps' nest.

Wasps are fairly active at present and the chances are that there’s a nest and an unpleasant surprise waiting somewhere in your garden.

Some species nest in hedges or ornamental trees, others on the ground in a hole. I normally find a colony when preparing to cut the surrounding hedges.

First up is observation, looking for insect movement to and fro. Second is a systematic walk along the hedge, gently thrashing it with a lightweight plastic rake. This year, a nest was discovered in the ground so we give it a wide berth.

It’s worth taking time to walk the bounds every day and stay in touch with what’s happening. A paper nest of football proportion holds several thousand stingers, so the last thing we need is to be balanced atop some steps with a roaring machine stirring up a hornet’s nest!