Craster WI, Meeting


Our meeting was held on Thursday, July 6. Jerusalem was sung and Rosemary, our president, welcomed members and visitors from Longhoughton/Boulmer WI.

Marion, our secretary, dealt with correspondence, with invitations received from Shilbottle, Embleton for its 99th birthday party, and Ancroft WI.

Rosemary spoke about our trip on the Tyne when we shared a boat with Craster History Club.

The treasure hunt is at Rothbury on Sunday, October 1, while Beadnell WI summer fair is on Wednesday, July 26.

Marion announced that we need a new president as Rosemary is standing down in November.

Birthday flowers went to Sybil Dawson.

Rosemary introduced our speaker Mrs Ingrid Kilner, who spoke on Behind The Veil.

She gave the amazing account of her marriage to a student in Newcastle in the 1960s. She moved to Iraq with him and found things extremely different. Her mother-in-law was the head of the family.

There was sympathy from the audience, but Ingrid made us all laugh. Everyone enjoyed her talk. Rosemary gave the vote of thanks.

The raffle was won by a visitor, second was Nancy Grey. The competition for prettiest earrings was 1 Ann Mallen, 2 Doris Clarke, 3 Sybil Dawson.

Supper was served by Hilary Punton, Eliz Hurd and Nancy Nicholson. This concluded a very enjoyable meeting.

Our fund-raising day is on Sunday, August 20.