Craster WI, Meeting

Jane Views'Craster
Jane Views'Craster

In the same way we all looked forward to our school trip, Craster WI eagerly awaited our May meeting as this is the month we are let loose on the wider community.

We gaily waved our lovely fishing village goodbye and boarded Travelsure bus, headed for, yes you’ve guessed it, another lovely fishing village.

We arrived in Whitby at 11.30am, and donning our metaphoric explorer’s hats, we set off.

Only the more energetic climbed to the church and abbey, but we all found somewhere nice for lunch. Most of us spend some time in the local shops.

There was a lot of chatter as we boarded the bus and compared experiences.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day. Indeed some are making plans to return to Whitby as they enjoyed themselves so much.

A few of our members had decided that Whitby was not for them so they organised an unofficial alternative trip to Otterburn on the same day.

The weather was kind to them as well as they ate lunch outside, then did some shopping. A leisurely drive home through the wonderful Northumbrian countryside rounded off their perfect day.

We will be back to normal next month when we have some lovely invitations from neighbouring WIs to consider, as well as the chance to decide if we wish to ask our delegate to support this year’s two resolutions, Alleviating Loneliness and Plastic Soup: Keep Microplastic Fibres Out Of Our Ocean, at the annual meeting.