Craster WI, Meeting


If a good WI programme should be varied and cater for all tastes, Craster’s is shaping up very nicely.

Our April speaker gave a very interesting and informative talk about fostering and adoption.

Caroline Matthews, from the Family Placement Service, gave an insight into the vital work of her department. She outlined the myriad of reasons children are put up for fostering and adoption, and the training and support given to carers.

The greatest care is taken through every step of the way so that children and carers are as fully prepared as possible for the mammoth changes that will take place. Support is available throughout the process.

Times of economic difficulty usually result in an upsurge in the numbers for adoption, and there has been an increase in the number of children in care in Northumberland over the last 12 months.

She illustrated her talk with positive input and feedback from some of those involved, and showed a video of three adopted children.

The only people who are automatically barred from fostering or adopting are those with a criminal record involving children. There is no upper age limit and she urged us all to consider it.

While we feasted upon our delicious pooled supper some members signed up for the Federation Domino Drive, Beadnell’s Second-hand Rose event, the Lindisfarne Group meeting, a trip to Whitby, a trip up the Tyne and a quiz at Howick.

Helen Chamberlain, Doris Clarke and Jackie Reeves came first, second and third in the competition for a cuddly toy. Marion Gallon won the raffle.