Cheviot Valleys, Flower Club


At the July meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Mr Sean Murray entertained us with his demonstration of Chelsea Gold.

As he worked, he told us about the competition he entered to design a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2014.

His first design used a long, rectangular container, which had a variety of different foliage material around the edges, including variegated ivy, bergenia, pieris, hostas and choisya.

Along the centre he placed several tall pieces of grass. Beside it there was fennel with seed heads, and lower down lilac hebe.

Then he added tall blue delphiniums through the grass, with yellow roses underneath, yellow golden rod, sunflowers along each side beneath the roses, and to complete it pink dahlias at one side, with pink stocks at the other.

This design was to represent a cottage garden.

Using pieces of driftwood wired together, standing in a box with a round container for the design, he started his next design by putting in laurel, hosta leaves, euphorbia and bear grass cascading over the edge.

Some crocosmia Lucifer was placed over the grass, then small green chrysanthemums, mini red gerberas and red roses, with lime anthuriums, through the design.

The design was put on a wooden base with a similar one placed beside it.

For his third design, to represent a conceptual garden, Mr Murray had a tin trough, which had ivy, conifer and rubus trailing over the edges and some weeping birch at one side.

He then placed in hosta leaves, senecio, spikes of eucalyptus, some pieces of smoke bush and hypericum.

He used white buddleja and gladioli, which were placed in the centre, with white lilies at the front, small white roses, dahlias, gerberas and dark purple calla lilies to complete it.

Another design, exactly the same, was placed beside it.

For his final design, to represent a front garden, he had formed a ‘sculpture’ made from two large, rusty tins and rusty mud guards wired to a frame on a stand.

In each tin he put fatsia leaves and ruscus, trailing out of the ends, with yellow gerberas sticking right out over the foliage.

Mrs Vicki Oliver gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a most interesting talk and demonstration.

She remarked how Mr Murray’s designs were very original and used such a variety of beautiful flowers and foliage.

The next meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club takes place on Wednesday, September 27, when Mrs Lynda Fraser will entertain us with a demonstration entitled Top Hat and Tails.

It will take place at Whittingham Memorial Institute, at 7.30pm, and visitors will be welcome.