Cheviot, Flower Club

Flower display
Flower display

At the June meeting Mrs Ann Codd entertained us with a demonstration of Let’s Open The Boxes.

She began with a small round dish. Placing two tall pink sticks in the centre, she put at varying heights pink calla lilies. She added four pistachio anthuriums, and Spanish moss over the oasis, placing the design on a wooden box with another one the same.

Using a black, oval, shiny pot, she put philodendron leaves at each end and blue eryngiums in the centre, surrounded by cream larkspur, pink antirrhinums, a dusky pink rose, mauve stocks, cream arabacum, pink roses and pink and orange gerberas.

She put hosta leaves over the edge and more flowers, including red gerberas, carnations and an orange rose. She used skimmia, variegated griselinia and euonymus to complete it. A tall vase with a similar arrangement was placed beside, with amaranthus put into each.

The third design was in a round dish on a metal stand. Foliage, including eucalyptus and sprayed curled aspidistra leaves in grey, were placed over the edge, with the aspidistra leaves overlapping at one side, and at the other side, fern-like leaves. Pink peonies were placed in the centre with hosta leaves, the underside showing. Another design, with cream orchids, blue iris, pink gerbera, fatsia and ivy, was placed alongside.

For the next design, to represent fireworks, she had a low, round container, with fatsia leaves around the edge and phormium leaves in a circle curving towards the middle. She added tall roses, gerberas, carnations and anthuriums, all in red, with foliage through.

Her final design used a tall, white vase, shaped like a cocktail glass. She used ferns and hosta leaves, with white flowers, including lilies, gerberas, antirrhinums, roses and arabacum, some trailing over the edge. Two pieces of amaranthus were placed to trail down the front, with a larger similar design placed above.

Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks for an inspiring demonstration using a lovely selection of flowers and colours.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, July 26, when Sean Murray will entertain us with Chelsea Gold. It is at Whittingham Memorial Institute, at 7.30pm. Visitors welcome.