Cheviot, Flower Club


At the March meeting of Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Irene Parker entertained us with a demonstration of Ideas and Inspirations.

She began by using a basket in a green and cream colour. Spikes of pussy willow were placed in a line on foliage which covered the oasis. She placed narcissi beside the pussy willow, then blush-coloured calla lilies, which went down in height. Senecio and leather leaf were added, and beautiful large heads of cream hydrangeas in front of the line. It was displayed with a similar smaller design.

A large hoola-hoop, wrapped in coloured wool and standing upright with a container in front, was used for the next design. Irene placed some fatshedera at one side of the container, with spotted laurel at the back and front. Lime Anastasia chrysanths of varying heights were put in a line down to the front, with deep burgundy carnations beside them. Two burgundy anthuriums were placed at the end of the line and pieces of leather leaf to fill in. This was put underneath a larger hoop with a similar arrangement.

An unusual ring shape with wire and sisal inside, twigs round the edge and a hole off-centre through it, had a container on top for the next design. Irene started by placing two types of bergenia leaves at different angles over the edge. She added curled aspidistra leaves in a group at the front, some leucadendrons and viburnum snowball in green, which cascaded over the front and through the design. She put peach roses amongst the foliage, recessed burgundy carnations and leather leaf. A similar design in a flat container edged with cinnamon sticks was placed alongside.

For her next design she had a lovely, large wooden bowl with uneven edges and a container in the middle. This was to be a tropical design so she used a variety of unusual leaves, including fatsias, palms, drusina and ferns. Tall pieces of green cornus were put in the centre and over the front edge, with heliconiums, ginger lilies and three red anthuriums amongst the leaves. She finished with curled phormium leaves and laurel.

The final design used a large silver urn, on which she placed eucalyptus to make an outline, some gariolyptica drooping over the edge and small pieces of marbled laurel. The flowers were small green carnations, dark pink roses and gerberas, some leather leaf to fill, and a beautiful dusky pink orchid in the centre.

Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks for an excellent demonstration with beautiful flowers and designs.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 26, at 7.30pm, in Whittingham Memorial Institute, when Mrs Pam Greenhill will present her demonstration of Gardeners’ Delight. Visitors welcome.