Watch out for these horror stories when buying or selling a car

Sometimes buying or selling a car can have its problems - read some of them here

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Thursday, 14th February 2019, 1:31 pm
New car owner
New car owner

When buying a car some people are happy to walk around the vehicle, kick the tyres, look at how clean it is and leave it at that, or they might be selling to a family or friend for a fast sale but run into problems.

These stories will make you think more about how you buy or sell your car.

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First time car buyer comes to a halt

A brand new buyer thought he was getting some great customer service when the dealership he was buying from provided him with a vehicle inspection- as long as it was at aa garage of their choosing.

The customer obliged, as that meant they did not have to cover the inspection costs. When the vehicle passed the inspection, the driver purchased the used car, excited about closing the deal on their first-ever car!

Four months later they found the car didn’t have the oomph it used to when accelerating - so took it to a local independant garage only to find out they had been sold a dud. The engine needed replacing which would have been costly.

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Advice - When buying make sure the car comes with a service history, as well as a HPI check for peace of mind.

Never judge a book by its cover

Sometimes a car might look too good to be true. One buyer found out the hard way - she purchased a spotless Clio with all the bells and whistles.

After several years of owning the vehicle when she came to sell it that became a difficult task. When attempting to part-ex it, it turned the car had been a write off that was repaired which was never disclosed.

After trying to get in touch with the original dealer it turned out they had closed down, and she was left to take less on the valuation of her car.

Advice - Even if the car looks amazing and the offer too good to pass up - make sure to do your research and carry out all the checks on the car.

Selling to family should be stress free

One seller was looking to sell their vehicle after a death in the family. Some close members offered to take it off his hands and offer ridiculously low prices to make it easy.

Instead he sold it privately elsewhere for what it was worth, but resulted in those family members no longer talking to him.

Advice - Sometimes it’s easier going to an independent dealer. They will offer you a fair price and save you the hassle of trying to sell the car yourself.

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