Volvo recalls 170,000 cars over seatbelt flaw - these are the affected models

Volvo is recalling nearly 170,000 cars in the UK after identifying an “extremely rare” fault with a seatbelt mounting point.

The Swedish brand is recalling a total of 2.2 million cars worldwide over the flaw, which can affect a seatbelt’s performance.

It said that it had identified a problem with the front seat belt fastening cable which, over time, “suffer from reduced strength under certain circumstances”. As an effect it says the belt could suffer “reduced seat belt restraint function”.

There have been no reports of injuries or accidents linked to the fault.

2016 Volvo XC70 (Photo: Volvo)

A total of 169,481 cars in the UK are affected, covering a number of different models.

A Volvo spokesman said: "We do not compromise on safety, and always take full responsibility to ensure the highest quality and safety standards of our cars.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers, and are grateful for their cooperation as we look to perform this precautionary action."

Which Volvo models are affected?

The recall affects six models built between 2007 and 2018. No current generation Volvo cars are affected.

Affected cars are the S60 and V60, V70 and XC70, S80 and XC60.

What should owners do?

Volvo said it will contact all affected owners and arrange for the affected parts to be checked and replaced for free. It aims to have all recall work carried out by the end of 2020.

It said that the affected cars remain safe to use but recommended that owners ensure the seatbelt fastening on the driver and passenger side are put in a vertical position, in line with the seat back rather than bent over the seat cushion.

An indication of a problem is wear to the rubber sleeve which surrounds the fastening cable.

If you want to check if your car is affected, you can use Volvo’s customer service website or call its recall team on 01628 422522 with your car’s VIN.

2016 Volvo S80 (Photo: Volvo)

This article first appeared on The Scotsman