Sam and Dan take top spots for personalised registration searches

The DVLA is selling 50,000 personalised registrations a month, with familiar names topping the list of in-demand plates.

Sam and Dan are the most searched for combination of letters, according to the latest data from the DVLA, with around 33,750 and 31,000 searches each on the agency’s database.

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The top five is completed by three-letter names - Ben, Tom and Amy - and only two of the top 10 aren’t names. Sixth place Boss proves some people have far too high an opinion of themselves and seventh-spot BMW shows some people take their love of their car to extremes.

The body responsible for issuing registration marks says demand for personalised registrations is continuing to grow, with nearly 375,000 purchased already this year. In the run-up to Christmas as people buy the unique marks for their loved ones sales are averaging on every minute.

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Personalised registrations start at around £250 but the most sought-after marks can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Damian Lawson, head of DVLA personalised registrations sales said: “The figures we have released in the run up to the festive season show that personalised registrations continue to prove popular with customers and many people find them the perfect gift or accessory to their car.

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“With more than 50 million registrations available on the DVLA Personalised Registrations website, and prices starting at just £250, there are almost endless combinations to suit any person’s taste or budget.”

The data comes hot on the heels of a list of the registration numbers deemed too rude to issue in 2020.

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