Brizlee WI, Meeting

Alnwick Town Centre
Alnwick Town Centre

There was a good attendance at our annual meeting when Barbara welcomed everyone, including our WI advisor Brenda Houlison.

The monthly business was gone through quickly, with correspondence from Longhoughton and Boulmer inviting members to the June meeting, as well as an invitation to Shilbottle WI in July.

Our members always enjoy these invitations, where they can meet fellow members, and they are usually oversubscribed.

An item had been put on the agenda concerning pooled suppers at monthly meetings. A vote was taken whether to continue with suppers, or have tea and biscuits instead. The result was for tea and biscuits for monthly meetings, and a pooled supper when we have visitors.

The next important item was a change of venue. We will be meeting at Alnwick Cricket Club and have changed the day from the third Tuesday of the month to the third Monday of the month, therefore the next meeting will be on Monday, June 19, at 7pm.

New members are very welcome.

Brenda started the annual meeting with the presentation and adoption of reports from treasurer, secretary and president.

The accounts had been audited by Pat Tulip and showed a healthy balance for the coming year. Margaret, our secretary, reminded us of the programme we had enjoyed over the year. Barbara welcomed the increase of new members and thanked her committee and members for their support.

The appointment of committee members was agreed as they were all willing to stand again. Barbara is to continue as president.

Our WI Advisor Brenda updated us with news from the Federation. There will be a trip to Denham College next year when Northumberland will be celebrating its centenary. The closing date for this visit is October.

There is a shop in Cresswell House for members who wish to sell any of their craftwork, where it can be displayed for six months.

Brenda then read two amusing antidotes. From the laughter in the room, members enjoyed them.

Marjory Brown thanked Brenda for officiating at our meeting and asked her to return next year. Brenda was pleased to accept as it will be her last year for she is retiring from her role.

Our competition winner for the year was Susan Gray for the second year running, with Ann Higginson second and Barbara Reid third.