Beadnell WI, Meeting

Beadnell bay/beach' Picture by Jane Coltman
Beadnell bay/beach' Picture by Jane Coltman

Unfortunately, Beadnell WI’s June meeting, which had to be rearranged due to the General Election, saw several members not able to attend because of prior engagements.

This did not, however, deter us from having an enjoyable time together.

Beginning with the business section, president Pat Brand welcomed us to the institute’s new year and programme.

She spoke of the committee’s decision to double-up the number of hostesses each month in order to ease the smooth running of our traditional and much-valued pooled supper.

A plea was made for members to remember to reclaim any uneaten food at the end of the evenings, to avoid wastage.

Pat reminded us that the funding for our annual Christmas party meal comes from the regular raffles we hold at meetings, plus income from the sales and wine tables.

Some members, who are not in favour of raffles, sometimes make small donations instead.

Since our summer fete on July 26 is fast approaching, the list of helpers required for the event was circulated and will be available again at our next meeting.

The lunch club’s meal at the Craster Arms was enjoyed by 11 members.

Signing up for the July 7 outing to the Apple Inn at Lucker has had a good response.

Northumberland Day had been a great success in Beadnell.

The combination of volunteers, church and WI members had worked well to engender a happy atmosphere throughout the village.

Annette and Jan were especially thanked for their input on behalf of the WI, as were all those helpers who had backed them up.

A true success story.

Pat reported that the twiddle muffs, knitted by the Lindisfarne Group, had been received with many thanks from both the Grange and Grovewood House residential homes.

Our Wednesday summer coffee mornings have already attracted many visitors, as well as locals, which is encouraging.

A cheerful welcome and lively conversation has brought pleasure to all involved.

Brenda Tinker gave us a very good account of the recent spring council meeting, including her personal comments, which brought it alive to us.

She did remind us though, how difficult it can be to be upbeat in the light of tragic national events – a point which we all appreciated.

The evening’s entertainment came in the form of a culinary quiz devised by Pat.

Members were engaged in a variety of different challenges, which provoked thought and discussion.

The scores were close, but the Rotten Tomatoes were triumphant over the Golden Delicious and Eggheads, with the Bobotie team only one point behind.

Knowledge of unusual cake names played a vital part.

Discussions based on food featured in some supper conversations.

Catherine Willis won the raffle.

Next month Stuart Walton will pose the question Do Ladies Sing the Blues?

The competition will require us to identify our favourite singer, giving the reason why.