Beadnell WI, Meeting

Beadnell bay
Beadnell bay

How to keep your home warm and cosy while being economical was the theme of our April meeting.

Steve Emsley, who has written in the press about the subject, talked us through his family’s experiences with a variety of complementary methods.

He illustrated his presentation on the methods with photographs, charting his progress.

He gave good, practical, advice and encouraged us to check our own thoughts on the procedures involved.

We were also given the opportunity to feel virtuous about what we had already achieved, while questioning our next steps to improve.

Steve was anxious to ensure that we take greater care of our environment.

We were grateful to him for guiding us through the topic and for being so generous with his time.

To a certain extent, we had already contributed to his main desire to protect the environment.

During the week we had held our Second Hand Rose event, where we had sold our nearly new clothes and collectables to friends and visitors. This recycling earned £465 towards our Hall’s refurbishment fund.

President Pat Brand thanked all of those who had helped set up the event, served on the day, tidied up and dealt with the aftermath of the occasion. Special thanks were given to the main organisers Catherine Willis and Jan Brunt.

Business details were given and discussed, and plans for forthcoming events were arranged.

Following our inspiring talk last month on the lack of rehabilitation facilities for quadriplegics in the North East, one of our members, Eve Humphries, had written about the situation to our local MP.

It was good news to hear that the message had been passed on to the Secretary of State for Health, who had acknowledged it.

Preparations were made for next month’s annual meeting and members were reminded that the competition will be for a bracelet.

Following the announcement of the snap General Election, we will need to alter the evening of our June meeting. Members will be informed of the change as soon as possible.