Amble WI, Meeting

Harbour Village in Amble' Picture by Jane Coltman
Harbour Village in Amble' Picture by Jane Coltman

At our meeting in June, we welcomed Julie Frost, the Marketing, PR and Corporate Co-ordinator, from HospiceCare North Northumberland.

As one of the local charities that Amble WI is supporting in 2017-2018, we had invited Julie to talk to us about the work that the charity carries out.

HospiceCare North Northumberland looks after any adult in need, with a life limiting illness, providing bed at home care.

They also provide bereavement support for anyone suffering from grief.

All these services are provided free of charge, hence the need for fund-raising.

Julie noted that over the last 12 months, there had been 53 new referrals for Bereavement Support; that 600 daytime hours of respite care had been provided in the last year, alongside 4,000 overnight hours.

This year alone, the charity needs to raise £525,000 just to sustain the level of service that it currently provides.

We then welcomed our main speaker for the evening, Marion Hinchley, who gave a wonderful flower demonstration.

She created five separate flower arrangements for the ladies, explaining how everyday items, such as plates and straws, can be used to create these arrangements.

Marion created a vertical line design, a crescent design, a small arrangement, and two larger arrangements, which were all included as the evening’s raffle prizes.

Amble WI will next meet at the Masonic Hall, Amble, at 7pm on Monday, July 10, where Kim Bibby-Wilson will talk about the Northumbrian Dialect.

The competition for the evening will be ‘Northumbria’, so get your thinking caps on – can you bake a stottie, craft an item from Northumbrian tartan, or do you have a photograph that sums up what Northumbria or Northumberland means to you?

The competitions are just for fun, but there is a prize on offer.

All ladies are welcome, and your first visit is free.

If you have any enquiries, contact the committee at