Amble WI, Meeting

Little Shore, Amble.
Little Shore, Amble.

Hazel Armstrong, an Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) project worker, will illustrate the group’s work on Saturday, May 6.

The ACWW is an association of women-led societies and groups working collectively for the shared vision of an improved quality of life for women and communities worldwide.

Topics discussed will include the history of the ACWW, its links to the WI, including where the Pennies for Friendship go, and projects Hazel has been working on.

It will start at 10.30am with tea, coffee and biscuits. A lunch of soup and fruit will be provided, and the event is expected to end at 3.30pm. The cost is £5.

It is to be held at the Masonic Hall, Amble, and is open to all, including men.

For more information and to book tickets, email amblewomensinstitute@gmail.com or call 01665 479206.