Amble WI, Meeting

Amble Harbour Village
Amble Harbour Village

In the February meeting of Amble WI, Dr Brycchan Carey, of the Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth, spoke to the ladies about climate change, and how this would affect Amble and the local area over the next few decades.

The talk linked in with the ‘Show the Love’ WI campaign, which focused on how to protect the things we love against climate change.

As well as experiencing wetter and windier summers and warmer and wetter winters, sea levels will rise, sea defences will be breached in worsening storms, and some wildlife we are used to seeing in our gardens won’t be able to adapt to the new conditions.

It wasn’t all bad news though, as Brycchan discussed the things we can all do to lessen our impact on the planet, thereby reducing the rate of climate change – installing LED bulbs, switching off electrical items when they are not in use, using public transport, and reusing, repairing and recycling where possible.

The March meeting of Amble WI saw the group hold their annual meeting.

The first year of the group was looked back upon, and thanks were given to departing members of the committee: Christine Butler, who began the formation of Amble WI in 2015, Larraine Duquemin, and president, Karen Waugh. The ladies voted in the new committee and new president Sarah Littlefear.