Alnwick, Camera Club

Alnwick Market Place
Alnwick Market Place

It was a lively evening when Alnwick and District Camera Club invited members of Morpeth Camera Club to show their pictures.

Morpeth members are clearly enthusiasts for audio visual presentations and they regaled us with an impressive range of work.

Three presentations, under the titles Observations, More Observations and Get Me Out of Here, were brash, colourful and streetwise AVs, featuring graffiti, street signs, shop windows, cars and more. While not to all tastes, these were excellent demonstrations of the art of manipulating images in combination with energetic music to produce exciting effects.

Interspersed were AV presentations covering other topics. First came a visit to Blist Hill open air museum in Shropshire, followed by Nature, a fine selection of wildlife images featuring insects, birds, fungi and marine life.

Next came homage to the automobile, with striking close-up images of iconic vehicles, and then, in complete contrast, In the Garden featured tranquil images, with beautiful close-ups of flowers.

An AV of Paddy’s Hole near Redcar captured an interesting picture of fishing boats and gently decaying buildings, set against an industrial background, while Fares Please was a nostalgic reminder of London buses in the 1960s.

Equally impressive were two presentations with projected digital images. The first featured the rewarding results that can be obtained from following set projects. Dying roses may not seem an attractive prospect, but cleverly photographed against a black background, the results were quite remarkable.

These pictures were part of a general theme of growth and decay, which was interpreted in a variety of ways

Remaining in the plant world, Five a Day was another project resulting in fine, colour-themed, still life images of fruit and vegetables.

The second presentation, entitled Birds and Buildings, commenced with pictures of puffins, Arctic terns and many other sea birds, with superb close-up portraits showing bird behaviour.

These were followed by some excellent architectural shots, including manipulated images that emphasised pattern and form.

A memorable evening was completed by a fine gallery of colour and monochrome prints, further demonstrating the high quality of work produced by Morpeth Camera Club.