Acklington WI, Meeting

Acklington Village Hall
Acklington Village Hall

We were taken on an exciting and incredible journey in September by our speaker Neal Skelton.

Starting from Alnmouth Railway Station, we were taken to Everest Base Camp as Neal showed slides of his journey on the way through.

There were pictures from very lucrative cities to shanty towns.

Along the way all the local people he met were very friendly and helpful.

He decided to take this extraordinary journey because one his daughters didn’t think he could do it. Undoubtedly, he did.

For our next gathering we met in the Guyzance Room of the Village Hall on Tuesday, October 10, for the annual general meeting.

The secretary presented the committee’s annual report and reflected on what had been a very full and varied programme.

The highlight of the year was an evening to celebrate Acklington WIs 95th anniversary.

Other activities ranged from a cookery demonstration to a treasure hunt around the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, as well as a craft session and a floral art workshop.

In addition, there were several talks by local volunteers from a number of charitable organisations, such as Canine Partners.

The joint president asked members to adopt the committee’s annual report.

She then thanked the committee for its hard work during the year.

The WI adviser gave a very interesting and informative update on the various activities at area level, and she was pleased to tell us about the opening of a new WI branch in Gosforth.

She went on to say that two other WIs in that area were operating at full capacity, reflecting a trend of increased WI membership in urban areas.

The advisor then held a ballot to elect a president, and Sheenagh Deakin was appointed.

This was followed by judging the craft competition, which was for the best kitchen utensil beginning with the letter ‘J’.

The three highest scoring annual competition winners were then presented with their prizes.

Before closing the meeting, the joint president gave everyone details about the next meeting. This takes place on November 14, when there will be a demonstration on the use of defibrillators.