A classic apple with a history

Bramley's Seedling apple.
Bramley's Seedling apple.

The popular cooking apple Bramley’s Seedling, is the epitome of an apple variety with longevity.

The original tree was grown from a pip planted by youngster Mary Ann Brailsford between 1809 and 1815 in her garden.

The resultant tree bore its first fruit in 1837 and 20 years later, a local nurseryman, recognising the potential, asked the then owner, Mr Bramley for some cuttings.

He agreed but only if the apple carried his name.

That original tree is still producing heavy crops and there are 500 Bramley growers in the UK supplying a market worth circa £50million.

And it was all started by Mary Brailsford sowing one little pip. Given the way plant names keep changing, perhaps the people responsible might one day get round to renaming this iconic cooker Brailsford’s Seedling.