50 years ago this week: Thursday, April 19, 1962

HOUSEWIVES in Alnwick can expect to pay 6s a stone for potatoes this week.

Although the supply is short, the situation is not desperate and most traders have at least a week’s supply.

Mr L Newrick, of C and D Downie, Alnwick greengrocers, told the Northumberland Gazette there was hardly a potato to be obtained from local sources.

They had a reasonable supply of good-quality Belgian potatoes, which on Monday were selling at 5s.6d a stone.

New potatoes are coming in and selling at not less than 1s a pound.

The manager of Amble Co-operative Society’s grocery department, Mr R Rochester said he had another week’s supply. Demand was high and on average the housewife was asking for double her usual supply. He could not say what the position would be after next week.

Other vegetables in local shops are in good supply, with new carrots at 1s to 1s.3d a pound, and spring cabbage at 1s. Cauliflowers are expected to be slightly cheaper but tomatoes would possibly be dearer.

There’s no immediate prospect of fish and chip shops closing.

Mrs A Brugnoli, wife of the proprietor of Albert’s Cafe, said they had an adequate supply of potatoes, but they had to increase the price of a packet of fish and chips from 1s.4d to 1s.6d.

• POSTMEN drivers in the Alnwick district have done it again. For the second year running they had topped the safe-driving list in the North East postal region covering an area stretching from Berwick to Lincoln.

Last year they travelled more than 300,000 miles delivering the mail and were involved in two accidents. Both were minor affairs on ice-covered roads.