50 years ago this week: Friday, September 29, 1961

A FIVE-MILE stretch of foreshore and links between Hauxley and Druridge Bay harbours unseen danger for crowds of campers and picnickers who go there at weekends...for it has come to light that 16 years after the end of the last war the area has not yet been cleared of explosives.

For years past local inhabitants and visitors have used this popular stretch of coastline, completely unaware that they were in a danger-zone and might have been blown to pieces any moment.

The area was laid with mines when the country was threatened with invasion as it was considered a likely landing spot.

The fact that they have not been cleared is all the more alarming when it is considered that as many as 20,000 people visit Druridge Bay to watch motorcycle races held on the sands.

The revelation has shocked members of Chevington Parish Council who were informed of the explosives in correspondence with RAF Acklington.