50 years ago this week: Friday, September 22, 1961

BECAUSE they cannot get houses in the district, miners are leaving their jobs at Hauxley Colliery to find work in Nottingham and the Midlands and this is creating a labour shortage at the colliery, members of Amble Urban Council were told on Tuesday night.

A letter from the colliery manager pointed out that a number of miners on the waiting list for colliery houses were Council house tenants. He said the colliery housing committee wondered if a man accepted a colliery house the Council would be prepared to re-let the Council house to another mineworker.

“We have a long waiting list and a lot of workmen are leaving the district because they cannot get a house, and it is in everyone’s interest to prevent them leaving the district if possible by trying to house them,” added the letter.

Coun. J. Gilgannon, himself a miner, said he was certain that young men would not be leaving the district if houses were available.

“Mining is still necessary for the area and if we can do anything to help, we should,” he stated.

Coun. T. Straffen said the working strength at the colliery should be maintained and increased if possible and the Council should help if it could.