50 years ago this week: Friday, September 1, 2002

New industry on historic Holy Island, the making of mead and liqueur, is thriving so well that extra staff has been taken on and its hoped to open a new winery next year. Early next month a party at a Newcastle hotel will mark the launching of the Lindisfarne liqueur into the wines and spirits market. Sir John Craster, of Craster Tower, chairman of the company formed to produce mead and liqueur on the island – known as the cradle of Christianity – said the party would be ‘the launching ceremony for the liqueur in the north of England’. The buffet lunch on October 8 is being held by the company in conjunction with Mackinlay and Macpherson, spirit associates of Scottish Breweries, and guests will be able to sample the liqueur. Mackinlay and Macpherson have the sole distributing rights for the whole of Scotland and the north.