50 years ago this week: Friday, October 6, 1961

UNSATISFACTORY caravan development at the picturesque seaside village of Warkworth was quite the worst eyesore in an area designated as of outstanding natural beauty, it was said at a public enquiry which opened at Alnwick on Tuesday.

Mr WS Butler, deputy county planning officer for Northumberland, said that happily there were few eyesores within the designated area – it stretches for 40 miles along the coast – but the caravans at Warkworth were the worst feature.

“The county council have said over a number of years that it was there intention to eradicate this unfortunate eyesore and this they propose to do within the very near future,” added Mr Butler.

The enquiry, held at Alnwick Rural Council offices, heard appeals by caravan owners against the county council’s decision to clear all caravans and ‘other constructions’ from a peninsula known as New Town situated east of the River Coquet, by March 31, 1962.

There are about 200 caravans – some are bus bodies and old railway carriages – on the site.

Mr Butler said that Warkworth was more than just a pleasant village on the Northumbrian coast; it was an architectural gem situated in a magnificent position within the fold of the River Coquet.