50 years ago this week: Friday, November 10, 1961

FROM a small beginning some seven years ago, the residents of Armstrong Cottages, Bamburgh, now celebrate Guy Fawkes’ night with a bonfire and a fireworks display followed by a barbecue.

At first, it was only a small children’s bonfire with a handful of bangers and rockets but now all the folk, young and old, join in the fun.

This year’s effort on Saturday night has been their most enterprising so far and about 50 adults and kiddies from the small estate gathered on the green in front of their homes.

Mrs G Aitchison and Mrs V Hinson are the principal organisers but everyone helps in some way, especially when it comes to the barbecue.

The womenfolk see that there is plenty to eat – soup, pasties, sausage rolls, ham rolls, mince pies, gingerbread and a cup of tea – if there is room for it.

There is also a gramophone and a good supply of records to help maintain the carnival air as the rockets whizz high over the castle.

But the children – they started all this – have an important part to play.

Under the leadership of nine-year-old Trevor Aitchison, it is their responsibility to see that the bonfire is as big as possible and they make a grand effort.

And when the big bonfire was completed, who lit it?

Why Trevor, of course.