50 years ago this week: Friday, May 5, 1961

FOR the second time since he became a member of Alnwick Urban Council in 1957 Coun C Oliver walked out of the authority’s council meeting. On Tuesday night he made his exit exactly 35 minutes after the meeting started following an argument over tenants in Greensfield Avenue.

Afterwards, he told the Northumberland Gazette: “I wasn’t satisfied with the explanations put forward. Both sides of Greensfield Avenue are lined with cars at night and car owners there want garages.

“I’m afraid some of the people with cars have had to sell them.”

The Housing and Town Planning Committee reported that the matter had been raised with a request that further consideration be given to the possibility of converting the present utility room to a garage.

The committee said that the Surveyor had reported that structural alterations involved and the cost would be considerable and that in view of the fact that the utility room was extensively used by the tenants concerned it was recommended that no action be taken.

Discussing the provision of garages the committee felt that the solution was the provision of blocks of garages.