50 years ago this week: Friday, May 4, 1962

AN application by Shilbottle Town Foot farmer Mr Clive Stoker to install an egg vending machine on the caravan site in Amble received a mixed reception from members of the Urban Council Town Development Committee on Tuesday night.

Three members supported a motion that the application be refused but an amendment that a decision be deferred until Mr Stoker informed the council what he was prepared to pay for a site was carried by five votes to three.

Moving the amendment, Coun F Kane said: “I think it could be a service.

“Campers and hikers arriving late would be able to get fresh eggs when other shops were shut.”

Coun C Badman strongly opposed the application and commented: “I think it’s grossly unfair to people already on the site selling the same commodity.

“When the matter comes before the full council, I will fight it again.”

Coun T Straffen said he felt the council could not allow applications for trading sites as readily as they used to.

When applications were first received they were granted as an experiment, but now it had become a commercial proposition.

“I don’t say exclude them. I say make them pay what it’s worth.

“They might not be so keen to come then,” he stated.

Coun JR Roland said that people who tendered for sites when they were let did not visualise anybody being permitted to sell things like eggs in the camp and he felt the application should be turned down.

Coun Badman said he agreed. There was no necessity for an egg machine when three shops on the camp sold eggs.