50 years ago this week: Friday, May 19, 1961

THE initial stage of a £3,000 improvement scheme aimed at protecting Beadnell’s tiny harbour from large-scale sand infiltration started last week with the dredging of the harbour bed.

On its completion, the second and final phase of the programme will begin next month – the lengthening of one of the piers and the narrowing of the harbour mouth. It’s expected this job will finish in July.

Then no one, unless on business, will be allowed into the harbour area because of past vandalism through the throwing of stones into the harbour and damage to the fishermen’s equipment.

“After past experiences, we are firmly determined to ban all unauthorised persons from coming into the harbour surrounds,” Mr W Douglas, the harbour chairman, told the Northumberland Gazette.

Which means that holidaymakers will be denied access to one of the most popular and quaint harbours in the country. For Beadnell harbour, which was given to the fishermen by Sir John Craster, is the only one of its kind on Britain’s east coast to face due west.

“We are very sorry that the actions of a few will hit the majority but we must draw a line if the men’s boats and gear are to be safeguarded from wanton and senseless damage,“ said Mr Douglas.