50 years ago this week: Friday, May 18, 1962

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THE wind of progress reflected in a service road car park development plan may soon be blowing long behind the the shops and business premises fronting Bondgate Within, bringing in its wake cleanliness, spaciousness and modernity.

The proposed face-lift, which has yet to be discussed by the Urban Council, envisages the opening up of practically the whole length of the back of Bondgate on the east side of the castle wall for a distance of something like 500 yards.

Once it becomes effective it will mean an end to vans loading and unloading on the narrowest section of the Great North Road running through Narrowgate.

It will also provide a welcome addition to Alnwick’s existing car park facilities as from two to three acres of land have been earmarked for this purpose.

The entrance to the proposed service road will be via the present road between the Louvre Cafe and Broughs’ premises, which means widening it on the Louvre Cafe side.

When the job is finished it will give a 22-feet-wide road with at least six-feet-wide footpaths on either side – a total width of 34 feet.

The car park will be entered by the side of the Auction Mart Office by the Playhouse, near Bondgate Tower.

As one out-of-town businessman put it: “This is a good scheme for there’s no doubt about it if Alnwick wants to attract tourists and sightseers it must plan ahead for the future.

“The town must relieve its traffic-crowded streets and this can only be done by the provision of ample car parking facilities.”

That seems to be a fairly widely-held opinion. For with the proposed by-pass now past the talking stage, much of the town’s future seems to depend on a rapid increase in its present car parks.