50 years ago this week: Friday, May 11, 1962

AN earth-shaking thud, followed by flames billowing smoke and flying debris made Cheveley, near Felton, farmer Mr G W Todd ran from his ploughing to try to give what help he could when a Jet Provost aircraft crashed neared his home late on Tuesday afternoon.

When he got to the scene of the accident there was nothing he could do – the plane was a mass of flames.

A flying instructor, Flight Lieutenant D D Wayman, of Manor Park, London, died at the controls.

He had served with the Royal Air Force for a number of years and came to No. 6 Flying Training School at Acklington last August. He was on a routine flight at the time of the crash.

A farmworker, Mr B Tait, who saw the aircraft apparently fail to pull out of a dive, watched helplessly as it hit a tree in the middle of a field, bounced across the main Acklington to Felton road, then stopped between 10 and 15 yards from the farmhouse.

Mr Todd’s wife, who was busy in the byre, ran out when she heard the crash.

“I got to the door to see the plane burning furiously,” she told the Northumberland Gazette.

Fire brigades from Acklington RAF station, from Alnwick, Amble and Ashington were called to the blazing wreck.They smothered it with foam and recovered the body of the pilot. An inquiry is to be held into the matter.

l TWENTY-FOUR hours later two RAF men baled out over Felton from their Provost trainer plane, which crashed at Long Dyke, south of Felton.