50 years ago this week: Friday, March 17, 1961

AMBLE fishermen are becoming increasingly worried because whole nights of fishing are being wasted and new nylon nets ruined because of sharks.

It’s now certain that schools of these fish are roaming north Northumbrian waters for no fewer than nine have been netted recently, although only three have been landed in harbours along the coast.

A seine net vessel skipper Victor Henderson, of Amble, who on Tuesday returned with yet another shark, said: “This time we have got off very lightly because sometimes nets are written off when sharks are caught.”

The skipper of the 24-and-a-half tonne vessel Pansy went on to say that because the shark, which weighed two tonnes, was caught, it meant that a whole night’s fishing had been wasted. It had been dragged the four miles back to Amble and then unloaded and dumped in the sea.

When asked which of the sharks he had seen netted was the largest, he said: “25 feet would be an underestimation. Seals cause damage but it can be repaired. On the other hand these sharks cause damage which is nearly always irreparable.”